Directions to Inbar Country Guest House and B&B

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By Car


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Inbar Country Guest House and B&B can be found on all virtual maps. If you are searching for us in Hebrew, you may have to add the letter “Yud” (י) to Inbar for the system to recognize us. Have a safe journey!!

From Tel-Aviv

  • To get to us from Tel-Aviv drive north to Golani Junction through Yokne’am and  the Movil Junction (routes 70 and 77) or through Afula (route 65).
  • At Golani Junction turn north (left coming from the Movil Junction and straight coming from Afula).
  • After about 7km turn left towards route 806, in the direction of Karmiel and the Christian village Ilabun.
  • Drive straight on the main road towards the Druz village Mugar (pronounced Ma’ar). Do not turn right towards Ilabun. Do not turn left at Dir Hana Junction.
  • Pass the traffic circle at the entrance to the village and drive straight through Mugar.
  • Exit the village and after about fifty meters turn right towards Inbar (follow the sign).

From Haifa

  • From Haifa drive east to Yagur Junction and then north on route 70 to Ahihud Junction.
  • At Ahihud turn east (right) to route 85, pass Karmiel and the turn towards Safed (Hananya Junction).
  • At the next junction, Halafta Junction (there is a large oak tree and an ancient burial site at the junction), turn right toward Mugar (pronounced Ma’ar), on to route 806.
  • Take the second left turn to Inbar (follow the sign).


Google map of the Area Surrounding Inbar Country Guest House

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By Public Transportation.

Inbar country lodge is on the route 806. Two buses are passing by: line 30 (from Nazareth to Karmiel) and line 56 (from Tiberias to Karmiel). You need to ask the busdriver to stop near entrance to kibbutz Inbar.

The other option:

  1. You can get bu train Acre, and than take Karmiel shuttle, from Karmiel it about 70 shekels (2010) to get to Inbar.
  2. You can take shuttle from Haifa to Inbar. For details call Akram 0508352001.