The above is From “Karov La’Bayit” (Close to Home)

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Taken from the book “Karov La’Bayit” (Close to Home) by Nili Freedlander, Ma’ariv Publishing Company.



The smallest kibbutz in Israel or rather a small guesthouse that has a kibbutz.


Think of the following combination: a comfortable double bed in a sweet and clean room. A new way to look at the Galilee.


Connoisseur cheeses from Ein Kamonim, Pizza Romario in Mugar baked with olive oil, a Galilian grandmother’s delights in “Azeva” and you have a weekend in the heart of the Galilee, in a place called “Inbar”, suitable for vacationers who simply wish to relax.


This small kibbutz is endeared “kibbutzito” by its individualistic members. They are ten men and women who received a few “wrecks” from the Jewish Agency a few years ago, did some renovations for a year and turned them into a real country guesthouse, situated on a green hill, among mountains and valleys, rivers and olive groves.


The rooms are equipped with everything one needs for a relaxed vacation in green surroundings with numerous hiking trails all around. A soft bed, warm lighting, a good shower and two chairs that open up to comfortable beds, if you happen to come with a couple of kids. A renovated spacious room, quietly and warmly painted with colors well coordinated with the sheets and bedcovers.


They are right near the guesthouse in Kibbutz Moran and the swimming pool in Kibbutz Farod. What’s more, this is the only country guesthouse in the Galilee that offers a huge trampoline for grownups and kids to delightfully jump on, using their abundant energy even before breakfast.