A Special Invitation for Our Guests


chi kungWe invite guests who are interested in experiencing Inbar more in depth to sample our alternative workshops and join us for a morning Chi Gung practice.  Our session also suits those who are interested in learning about healthy and invigorating practices from the Far East.


Chi Gung is an ancient Chinese method of maintaining and enhancing general health. The method includes movement and breathing exercises all done in a standing position. The word “Chi” in Chinese means “Life Energy”. Chi Gung practice fills the body with vitality and energy.


A morning Chi Gung practice on the lawn under The Big Tree, right before breakfast, is a wonderful way to begin your day. Chi Gung allows you to fill up on nature’s freshness and to add energy and harmony to your vacation.


The exercises are simple, easy and suitable for any age. When you return home, you will be able to practice comfortably  the exercises learned during the sessions.

Inbar members who learn and teach Healing Tao Practice teach these sessions.