Inbar by Foot, Bike or Off- Road Vehicle.

Exploring Nature Around Inbar by Foot, Bike or Off- Road Vehicle.


livnim mountanBy foot

Inbar is a great starting point for many hikes and walking tours for those who observe Shabbat or for those who wish to part from their car for a day or two:

  • Inbar -Mt.Levanim: A short hike, about half an hour in each direction, to Mt. Levamim’s peak, which overlooks the Kinneret, Mugar and the lower Galilee.
  • Inbar – The Slopes of Mt. Hazon: An hours’ hike in each direction into a forest of pine trees and native flora.
  • Inbar – Pilgrimage to grave sites of the Holy Sages (approximately 200 years before to 200 years after the Common Era) – Inbar: A circular route of about 2 hours to the grave sights of Rabbi Elazar Ben Ya’akov and Rabbi Halafta and his sons.
  • Inbar – Tzalmon Stream: A challenging hike to a stream that flows year round. About a two hours’ walk in each direction. It is possible to arrange returning by car.
  • Farod Waterfalls – Inbar: A hike along the upper Tzalmon Stream beginning at the Farod waterfalls, passing through the gravesite of Rabbi Elazar Ben Ya’akov and returning around Kfar Hananya. About a three hours walk. A car lift to the beginning of the route is needed. Recommended in spring when the stream is flowing.

beit hakerem valley

Bicycle Paths

There are several bicycle paths near Inbar:

  • Inbar – Tzalmon Stream – Salame – Tzalmon Stream – Dir Hana Junction (12 km).
  • Inbar – Levanim Stream – Kibbutz Kadarim (6 km).
  • Mt. Hazon Peak – Hazon Forest – Inbar (5 km).
  • Hananya Ranch – Upper Tzalmon Stream – Inbar (5 km).

ORV (Off-Road Vehicle)

There are a number of ORV routes that begin, pass through or end at Inbar. The dirt road next to Inbar continues eastward towards Kibbutz Kadarim and the Amud Stream. To the west, the road continues toward Tzsalmon Stream and Mt. Hazon. It is possible to arrive at Inbar from the north via Ein El Asad or the Farod Waterfalls. The following is a recommended route from Aviram Barkai’s book “Hotze Barkai” on ORV routes in Israel:
Kadarim Junction – Route 85 – Levanim Stream – Inbar – cross Route 806- Tzalmon Steam – Route 804 – Salame – Tzalmon Stream – Dir Hana and on southward.

Detailed information on this route can be found in Barkai’s book pg. 76-82.

Bird watching

Inbar is not located on a main migration route. Nevertheless, a variety of birds nest and pass through the fields and forests around the area. Bird lovers will enjoy identifying these on morning or afternoon walks around the kibbutz.